COVID-19 Response 

                 (Translation in Spanish) 

As we all continue to deal with this global pandemic, we wanted to let you know how the MEDIA is adapting and responding, so we can keep doing the important work of protecting and fighting for the human rights of immigrant and refugee communities throughout Missouri.

First, we are prioritizing the health of our volunteers, activists, staff, and the entire
community. The COVID-19 pandemic is a social and economic justice issue, as well
as a health crisis. Protecting our community is our number one priority, and we
recognize that we have a social responsibility to be good stewards in keeping others
safe too.

Here are some specific steps we're taking:

● We are requiring all non-essential staff and volunteers to work from home;

● We are suspending all MIRA planned events of any size for the next month, including all volunteer and in-person staff meetings.

But that doesn't mean we're stopping our fight to protect the human rights of immigrants and refugees in Missouri.  You can and should still email or call your members of Congress and other local leaders. In fact, please take this opportunity to email your senators right now about responding to the corona virus threat. We'll continue to keep you informed about how you can take meaningful actions while staying safe.

And while we may not be able to meet up in public, we are continuing to build a strong community of change-makers online.  Please continue to follow us for inspiration, reliable information, and activism opportunities that can be taken from home.

I also want to acknowledge that this crisis is impacting all of us in different ways.  Many of us are processing feelings of fear, isolation, confusion, anger, and sadness around this pandemic and how it is being handled.  In the past few weeks, I've been angered by accounts of racism and harm experienced by those identifying as Asian, Asian-American, and Pacific Islander.  I encourage you to put yourself in other peoples’ shoes and engage with sensitivity and care.

Please check out the new episode on anti-Asian xenophobia by We Live Here.  It can be accessed at this link, and anywhere you get your podcast!  

While voluntary social distancing may be necessary to protect our health, it is increasingly vital that we continue to support those of us whose jobs are essential, from our grocery store and fast-food workers, and delivery drivers to our doctors and nurses.  For your efforts, we thank you and keep you in our thoughts and prayers.

MIRA continues to work together with our partners in protecting the future of our Tuition Equity, ICE during COVID, Voter suppression, and addressing any additional issues elevated during this unprecedented crisis.  Below is a list of links addressing each issue along with community resources and helpful information regarding the Stimulus Check (see below for more info), Housing issues, and access to additional resources and assistance. 

While some will try to use this time to demagogue and sow distrust and fear, we need to overcome that by creating real community, trust, and listening to experts and science.  Doing this will only help us as we get through this crisis to deal with the other concerns we face in 2020 and beyond.



Peace and Good Health,


MIRA Missouri



P.S. Below are some other resources for dealing with COVID-19:

STL COVID-19 MUTUAL AID - If you need resources or assistance during this time, and donation opportunities to assist someone in your neighborhood who might be in need directly.


The World Health Organization - has advice for the public here.

Toolkit: Plan Now to Adapt to Corona virus Safety - Reference Guide.

Finding Steady Ground - A resource to remind us about behaviors to keep us grounded amidst turbulent times.

Immigrate Works - and the stimulus check.

Farmer Worker Justice - Working on the farm is considered an essential business. Know your rights during COVID-19.

COVID Tax Relief - Find help for individuals and families affected by the novel Corona virus (COVID-19). This page will be updated as new information is available.


Special thanks to the numerous partners, volunteers, and staff who helped curate this list.  We are committed to keeping you up to date with new information weekly.